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Have general discussions in this room. If you need an Admin or EGCHQ Staff, this will be the room to find them in...


Chat about anything Valheim... How many bases do you have? What do you think of the boss battles? What armor level are you and what armor do you favor? Favorite weapon? What about those Furlings? Deathsquitos? Your thoughts here...

Grand Theft Auto 5

Chat about anything GTA5... What's your favorite car? Heist? Who has been lucky enough to win the car at the casino? Let us know...

Ark: Survival Evolved

Chat about anything ARK... What is your favorite dino? Tips/tricks? Mods? Put them all here...

Conan Exiles

Chat about anything Conan Exiles... Where did you build your base? Have any tips or tricks to share? What mods do you use, or are you straight vanilla?

Farming Simulator

Chat about anything Farming Simulator... Discussions for all versions of Farming Simulator welcome here... What mods are you running? Any favorite mods? What type tractors do you use?


Chat about anything Snowrunner... Have you ever gotten so stuck that you had to reset your truck...with a full delivery load? Have you used mods? What's your favorite?

Call of Duty

Chat about anything CoD... All Call of Duty discussions welcome here... Have a favorite loadout? Map? Mode? Talk about it all here...

Red Dead Redemption 2

Chat about anything RDR2... Which horse do you favor? What type guns do you like? Do you look for trouble, or does trouble come looking for you? What businesses do you run? Moonshining? Bounty Hunting? All of them?


Chat about anything Fortnite... What's your favorite loadout? Where to you drop to first? Do you like going solo, duo or group? Talk about Fortnite here...



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